Oral TurLixir: Fresh & Organic Ingredients. Turmeric root curcumin 95% extract, ginger, honey, dill, cayenne, black pepper, and 80% Proof food grade Alcohol.

Dill contains Quercetin which is one of the most biologically active bioflavonoids. Mixing quercetin with turmeric creates a greater absorption. The mixture of curcumin with pepper helps in absorption of turmeric in the body. Curcumin absorption increases up to 2,000% or more with just a small amount of black pepper.

Processing Method: Food Grade Alcohol Extracted 80% Proof

Other Ingredients: None. This product contains no fillers or any other ingredients or preservatives

Directions: Orally ingest 1 teaspoon to relieve/reduce extreme pain. Taste before ingesting. Dilute before ingesting if desired.
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